Taxonomic Courses

The Israel Taxonomy Initiative offers a series of courses that will be given by renowned international experts. Those will focus on selected taxa with the intention of enhancing taxonomic knowledge in Israel.
The courses will include lectures, labs and excursions and are intended for university students and professionals who study biodiversity, agriculture and nature conservation. Participants who will fulfill all requirements will receive academic credits. All courses are free.
The next courses offered are listed below:
Topic Dates Course Insturctor From Hosting Scientist Course Location
Soil dwelling acarine predators 9-13/2/2014 Dr. Edward Ueckermann ARC, South Africa Dr. Eric Palevsky, Prof. Uri Gerson Fac. of Agriculture, Hebrew U. Rehovot
Ascidians 17-21/3/2014 Ms. Gretchen Lambert
Univ. of Washington Friday Harbor Labs, Seattle WA.
Dr. Noa Shenkar Interuniversity Inst. for Marine Sciences, Eilat
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Courses offered during 2012/13:



Course instructors


Hosting scientist

Course location


Prof. Robert Raven

Queensland Museum, Australia

Prof. Yael Lubin, Dr. Ariel Chipman, Dr. Efrat Gavish-Regev

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Diving Beetles


Dr. Olof Bistrom

Zoological Museum, University of Helsinki

Prof. Avital Gasith

Tel Aviv University

Registration closed

26-29 August 2013

Dr. Lorenzo Prendini

American Museum of Natural History, New York

Prof. Yael Lubin, Dr. Efrat Gavish-Regev

Ben Gurion University, Sde Boker campus


2-8 April 2013

Dr. Philipp Wagner

Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum, Bonn

Dr. Shai Meiri

Tel Aviv University

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