The Israel Taxonomy Initiative (ITI) is a joint project of the higher education system of Israel, government ministries and agencies, and research institutions. It was established to promote the training of a new generation of taxonomists and to enrich the basic knowledge of the biodiversity of Israel. The main goal of the initiative is to revive taxonomic studies in Israel and improve our understanding of biodiversity, thus expanding the contribution of science to the study, conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems in Israel.

If the names are unknown knowledge of the things also perishes

Carolus Linnaeus, Critica Botanica 1737

ברשית, פרק ב

 The initiative furthers its aims by:

  • Awarding doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships.
  • Providing travel grants for training of graduate students overseas with expert taxonomists.
  • Providing grants for biodiversity surveys.
  • Hosting expert taxonomists from overseas to teach short courses in Israel on various local taxa.


Congratulation to ITI grantees for receiving the following awards:

To Nir Stern for receiving the Student award for best oral presentation received by the European Ichthyological Society at the XVth European Congress of Ichthyology held in Porto, Portugal, September, 2015.

To Zohar Yannai for receiving  an award for best student lecture in the XIV International Conference on  Ephemeroptera, Aberdeen, Scotland, June 2015; and for receiving an award for best PhD candidate lecture in the 34th annual meeting of the Israel Entomological Society.

To Ittai Renan for Best poster competition in the 34th annual meeting of the Israel Entomological Society.