The Israel Taxonomy Initiative offers an MSc scholarship in all institutions of higher education in Israel. The Scholarship is intended for citizen or permanent residents of Israel who will begin their studies in 2014/15 in the field of taxonomy and systematics.

The scholarship will be awarded for two academic years. During this period, the students who will study in an Israeli university will undergo training abroad with a world known expert in the field of study of the candidate, for a period of up to one semester.

The scholarship will cover 50% of a university sponsored MSc  scholarship (including tuition) and will be forwarded to the university where the student studies pending matching by the institution or the advisor. In addition, the scholarship will cover the expenses for overseas training for a period of up to one semester (up to $10,000). 

Priority will be given to candidates who are interested in research of large taxonomic group for which the taxonomic knowledge in Israel is lacking, and those with economic and agricultural significance.

The grantee will have to be enrolled in the MSc program within three months of receiving the award announcement. The scholarship will be paid only from the time of admittance at the university.

Candidates should submit the following documents in English:        
CV with list of publications if applicable     
A short research proposal (up to two pages), approved by the advisor,    
and Hebrew and English abstracts up to 200 words.     
Record of studies of the BSc studies     
Letter of recommendation from one of the professors of the first degree, and an additional letter of recommendation.     
Letter of a faculty member willing to serve as an MSc advisor who will also supply adequate research conditions.                  

Deadline for submission is 31 August 2014.        
Letters of recommendation will be sent directly to the following email address:        
All materials should be sent by email to:  
For additional details please contact this email address.