Frequently Asked Questions
What is the evaluation procedure of applications?
All proposals submitted to ITI should be written in English as we consult experts from overseas for
evaluating the proposals. Every year the steering committee of ITI establishes new evaluation committees for the various types of proposals, and some committee members are replaced every year. Over the past two years most members of the doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships committee were from overseas due to the dearth of expert taxonomists in Israel. The committee for biodiversity surveys comprised Israeli scientists from six different research institutions, but the committee chair and many of its members have rotated. The committee that evaluated the visiting scientists' proposals comprised three zoologists from the Hebrew University and the Agricultural Research Institute. The various committees presented their evaluations to the steering committee which made the final decisions based on the recommendations they received.

Can anyone interested in taxonomy apply for a grant?
The prime goal of the initiative is to educate and train a new generation of taxonomists in Israel. Therefore any proposal that addresses this goal is relevant. However, if the sole goal of the proposal is to obtain taxonomic identifications without further training, it is not suitable for this program.

How are biodiversity surveys related to taxonomy?
ITI will give priority to surveys of species-rich taxa and those for which there is a lack of knowledge in Israel, as well as taxonomic groups of economic and agricultural value.
Priority will be given to surveys of regions which are under conservation threat as well as for surveys that show some synergism with other efforts. Priority will be given to surveys that demonstrate matching funds.

When should I/we apply?
The next deadline for proposals is May 31, 2011.
How should I/we apply?
Please send your application electronically to with all the relevant documentation as requested in the call for proposals.

Is there tuition for participating in taxonomy courses?
Participation in ITI sponsored courses is free.

Will students participating in a taxonomy course receive academic credits?
Any student who is an active participant in a taxonomy course and who fulfills all academic requirements will receive credits. We recommend verifying this before the course begins.